Blog How’s 2019? A lot of our clients are asking how 2019 is starting off. Here’s one thing we notice… There are more homes to choose from, which is great news for buyers. In January alone 4,821 homes came on the market in Metro Denver. That is a 14% increase compared to one year ago. At our annual […]
Blog Why No Bubble   There are several reasons why our Chief Economist does not believe there is a housing bubble today in the U.S. Below is a slide he shared at our recent market Forecast events. It shows U.S. Home ownership rate, which is simply the percentage of the population who own their home (versus renting). The long-term […]
Blog Misery Index Last week at our Market Forecast events, Chief Economist Matthew Gardner shared, among many stats, his famous “Misery Index.” A valuable statistic with a funny title. The Misery Index simply measures inflation plus unemployment. It’s an effective way to look at our Nation’s economy. Today’s Index sits just below 6%. Back in October 2011, it […]
Blog Our Forecast This past Wednesday and Thursday evenings we had the pleasure of hosting our annual Market Forecast events in Denver and Fort Collins. Thank you to the 700 people who attended. We appreciate your support! In case you missed the events, here are some highlights including our forecast for price appreciation in 2019: • In 2018 […]
Blog More Choices Great news for buyers! There are more homes to choose from. It seems there is relief from the days of drastically low inventory levels. Compared to a year ago, residential inventory levels are up: • 9% in Northern Colorado (Larimer & Weld Counties) • 45% in Metro Denver (wow!) ________________________________________ You can get many more […]
Blog What Our Expert Think Here’s what our Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, thinks about the 2019 U.S. Housing Market. He is regarded as one of the Country’s experts on real estate and is frequently quoted by leading industry publications.   • Existing Home Sales up 1.9% to 5.4 million units • Home Prices up 4.4% • New Home Sales up 6.9% […]
Blog Still Up All the talk of the market cooling off might make someone think that prices must be going down. The truth is prices are still going up. Here are the latest year-over-year appreciation numbers from the Federal Housing Finance Authority (they track 243 markets all across the Country): Colorado Springs 11.44% Greeley 10.53% Denver 9.97% Boulder […]
Blog Waiting and Waiting Anytime the market cools off we sometimes hear prospective buyers say “I think I’ll wait for the market to correct, then I’ll buy after prices come way down.” The reality is this… History shows that this wouldn’t be a good strategy. Our go-to source on price appreciation is the Federal Housing Finance Authority who produces a […]
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Blog Good Loan News Here are two recently-announced pieces of really good news for home buyers. • The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority recently raised the income limit for their down payment assistance program to $115,600. Now more people can get help with a down payment. • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac raised their conforming loan limits so that […]
Blog HQ3? The Front Range may have lost out on Amazon’s HQ2, but that doesn’t mean their company won’t affect our economy. Denver was in the running for Amazon’s massive new second headquarters that supposedly would bring 50,000 new high-paying jobs and $5 Billion of investment. In the end Amazon chose to split the headquarters among two […]
Blog 83 Miles Per Hour Pretend you have been driving on the Interstate at 100 miles per hour.  Also, pretend you have been doing that for a long time. Now pretend you slow down to 83 miles per hour. How would that feel? It would probably feel slow, right? 83 miles per hour is a 17% decrease from 100. It […]
Blog Good News for Buyers Here’s some good news for buyers who have been waiting for more selection… No need to wait any more because the numbers show that more new listings are hitting the market compared to the recent past. In Metro Denver, the number of homes for sale is up 14.42% compared to last year.  That equates to […]
Blog FUNdamentals     In times of change (like now), it’s valuable to look at the fundamentals of our market. Let’s have some fun with fundamentals… 1.  Our economy is healthy – since 1990, the unemployment rate in Colorado has never been higher than the U.S. unemployment rate.  Ever.  Unemployment in Colorado sits at 2.7% today while the rate across the […]
Blog A History Lesson One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “Where do you think interest rates are going?” Virtually all of the experts we follow put rates above 5% going into next year and some see rates approaching 5.5% by the middle of 2019. What’s certain is that there are economic forces at work […]
Blog What’s Starting? Here are some interesting stats from our friends at Metro Study who study new home activity along the Front Range. • New home starts are up 14% compared to last year – this is really good news and is helping to relieve the shortage of housing inventory • Every product type saw an increase in […]
Blog How We Rank Here’s how the largest Colorado cities rank on the most recent Federal Housing Finance Authority’s quarterly report.  They study the appreciation rate in 245 metropolitan areas all over the country. City                        Rank                Appreciation Boulder              […]