Fun Facts June 9, 2023

A New Change

There is a new type of change to be prepared for.

One interesting way to track the market is to measure the year-over-year difference in inventory.

Quite simply, this looks at how many homes are available today versus the same time one year ago.

For the past several months in a row, the difference as measured by percentage change, has been significant.

That is because inventory levels between May of 2020 and May of 2022 were rock-bottom low.

For example, inventory in March of this year was up over 120% compared to March 2022.

When measured against historical numbers, inventory in the first half of this year is incredibly low.  But, when measured against the first half of 2022, inventory is significantly higher.

Well, that is about to change because inventory increased in June and July of 2022.

So, now when we look at inventory levels versus a year ago, the percentage change will be more modest.

For example, Northern Colorado inventory today is up only 8% compared to one year ago.