Buyers March 14, 2022

New Construction: Why Work with a Buyer’s Agent?

If you’re a buyer, you may have considered purchasing a new construction home. After touring the model home and talking to the builder’s sales representatives, you begin to wonder if it’s necessary to work with a buyer’s agent. Although it’s possible to move forward with the purchase of a new construction home without a buyer’s agent, you may be missing out on the benefits of having a representative at your side. Take a look at how a buyer’s agent can provide value in the purchase of a new construction home. 


Buyer Agent vs. Builder’s Agent
Who Works for Who?
A sales representative is the builder’s representation in the sale of a new construction home. They can assist buyers by providing insight into the construction process, available upgrades, and answer questions related to what the builder is able to offer. That said, they represent the builder and will always advocate in favor of the builder. Think of it this way: in new construction, the builder is the seller and the sales representative is the listing agent. 


An Expert on Your Side
Knowledge is Power 
Working with a buyer’s agent gives you an advantage. Not only do they have experience with new-construction home purchases, but they are also familiar with major builders in the area and can speak to their quality of work. Moreover, buyer’s agents bring a working knowledge of the housing market to the table and can provide insight into current home prices. Tapping into a buyer agent’s knowledge and experience could save you time, money, and stress as you navigate the purchase of your new home!


An Agent is Your Advocate
Your Best Interest Comes First
A buyer’s agent will:
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Clarify what is included in the base price
  • Help you navigate the purchase amidst rising building costs
  • Help you obtain the best financing available
  • Provide guidance with regard to builder’s warranties and home inspections 


Agent Commission
What’s the Cost to Me?

Traditionally, sellers are responsible for paying real estate agent fees. In the case of new construction homes, the builder will likely cover all or most of the agent’s commission. You may be able to work with a  real estate professional at no cost to you. 

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