BlogFun Facts June 28, 2019

Over List

A statistic we keep our eye on is the percentage of homes which sell for at least list price.

In a robust, healthy, market with lower inventory, we will frequently see homes selling for their asking price or even higher.

Here are the number of sales that occur for list price or higher in each of our major markets:

  • Fort Collins = 60%
  • Loveland = 60%
  • Greeley = 71%
  • Windsor = 56%

There are a couple of things we notice about these numbers.  First, well over half of all sales are for at least list price.  This means that a buyer needs to be prepared to make a full price offer (or higher) in most cases.  This also means that if a seller is priced right and marketed effectively, they should achieve their asking price.

We also notice that these percentages are lower than one year ago.  In 2018 these numbers were 5% to 10% higher in each market.  This is good news for buyers of course because the bidding wars are not as intense as last year.