Housing Trends March 17, 2018

He Shed She Shed

The general consensus is that the She Shed is the answer to the Man Cave; a new movement that’s meant to knock man caves down to second place. Well, we respectfully disagree with this silly crusade. Everyone needs a little “me” space and we believe they both can be rocked by boys and girls alike. Get some peace and quiet among all the hectic and crazy that life can be with these personal shed ideas.

She Sheds

Craft – Whether its scrapbooking, knitting, sewing, or working on that long list of DIY projects you’ve saved on Pinterest, this is the place to make it happen. No more cluttered space in the home.

Reading Room – The ideal place to hide out and read without getting interrupted. Go for a Boho vibe, clean and chic style, a feminine Victorian look, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Spa – Always wanted a bigger tub to soak your worries away in, but don’t have the space in your house? Turn a shed into a spa dream getaway with bubble bars, bath bombs, candles, and of course, a bottle of bubbly.

He Sheds

Arcade – This throwback shed space is for the lover of old-school video games. It’s just crying out for Pinball, Space Invaders, and our personal fave, Pac-Man.

Sports Den – Packed floor-to-ceiling with his favorite sports memorabilia, a flat screen TV, and a man-sized couch. Now you’ll have a no judgment zone where you can eat chicken wings and watch sports to your hearts content. Touchdown.

For Both:

Wine Room – Do you and your partner need a place to escape together? Make this shed a theme you can both enjoy, like wine. Whether you need a break from the kids, your pets, or each other, think of it like an adult time out, but with wine.

Home Office – Not the most fun option, but quite possibly the most practical. Whether you work from home or just need a space to pay the bills, this shed provides a quiet place to get stuff done.

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